Yipiee, its holiday. But, I'm sure this is gonna be a boring holiday. Yap, no traveling. Guess what, I hate my sister. And, SHE'S GOT A BOYFRIEND!! But how about me?? No boy. Look at my score, its HORRIBLE. And I just wanna fix it. My fuck holiday. Okay, I think i can't call this a "HOLIDAY" because it feels like this is a "BORINGDAYS". Okay, and I don't know why, my mom's getting worse. She doesn't let me hang out with my friends for a day!! This is a really really fuck holiday. I hate everyone!! Full of rules!! How about them? I have a responsibility to them!! MOM,I'M PRETTY OLD TO HANGING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!! Aaa I'm stress. I'm tired of fighting with my mom. I hate this holiday!!! *middlefinger*
okay then, I'm gonna cry all the day, and scream that I just wanna hang out with my friends.

Hasta la Vista, dude! See you next time. Big love from me ♥ RAWRR!!

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