Get Back!

Hey Fellas, long time no see!! But it doesn't mean I was blind haha lol. Well, I've left this sweet blog because I'm too busy with Twitter and Tumblr. Maybe you could follow my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. On Twitter, you could follow this one----> @GhinaTardan28. You know what's the meaning of the "28"? It's the date of my birthday, and I guess it's my lucky number (well, not really). And on Tumblr, follow this one----> Ghina Tardan. Thanks and, my dad has just bought us a new slr camera. I WUFF YOU!!! But I don't know the type (come on!!!) because I'm too excited. I love it so much!! And did you see the grand final of American Idol? Lee Dewyze won!!! Omg, he's super super cute :3 But I'm still in love with Adam Rodriguez, well Adam Michael Rodriguez. He's an American actor. He plays as Eric 'Delko' Delektorsky on CSI:Miami. And I can't wait for the next season, Season 8. I know my blog is so disgusting, but I love it!! :* it saves all the memories I had. Like the vacations, and others. And I'm in love with Novak Djokovic, the tennis player from Serbia. He's not better than Rafael Nadal but he's sooo much cuter than Nadal!! Haha. You know what? I haven't watched the episodes of gLee season 2. I hate it. No times!!! Gah! And I miss Sam, he WAS my friend. But then he's gone, I don't know where he is right now, well he's in Sussex, England. But....I just can't explain it. Another topics please? Yeah! Got so many problems at school and home. But I got some new friends from Canada on Facebook. They're all very nice. I like 'em. And I love love love Laura Tardan for sure, she probably not my close sister but she's very nice to me (: Go Tardan Go, Laura!! Ihihi :p Well, that's it for now. Catch ya later, Fellas!! Kisses!! <3


tutu dress


-ghina tardan, xoxo.

colorful heels

really love these colorful heels!!!!!!!!!

would you like to give me one of them? hihi :p so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahaa

i got these pictures when i'm browsing on google. if i had a lot of money, i'll buy alllllll these heels :p

-ghina tardan, xoxo.

ugly betty

do you know ugly betty? it's a tv show. i love to watch it. every girls love to watch ugly betty. and now, i'm talking about fashion. i love betty's style. that picture is my look on my looklet page. to make this look, my inspiration is betty. i love her style because her style is so unique. she doesn't have a thin body like a supermodel, but she can mix&match her own style. she has a wonderful personality. and she's a good friend. so inspiring!! okay, that's all. gotta go. see you next day.

-ghina tardan, xoxo.

school uniform

hello!! back!! long yime no see. so glad to see you again. some questions. do you guys love to shop? yap, shop. i loveeeee it. and do you guys love to mix&match some clothes, bags, shoes, etc.? i looooovvveee it. and, do you know looklet? well, it's a website where we can mix&match some clothes, bags, shoes, etc. that picture is my look. i make it looks like a school uniform. i wish my school uniform can be like that!!! haha. mini skirt, shirt, blazer, longchamp bag, and heels. REALLY WANT IT!! haha. well, gotta go!! see you next day.

-ghina tardan, xoxo


Suivez-moi sur Twitter

Suivez-moi sur Twitter!!! @ghinisrina n'oubliez pas de me suivre! merci pour suivre ma page twitter. et merci pour lire mon blog.

Rendez-vous le lendemain!!


Happy Mother's Day!!

You gave me everything. You're cheering up my life. You're the sunshine. You're the angel of my heart. You're the most important person in my life. You teach me how to be a good girl. No one can do better than you. Thanks for all you do. I can't give you something. But, I love you more than anything. That's the best that I can say. ☺

I ♥ YOU, MOM!!!